Jan 11, 2011

OCG Courtroom Drama

Friday, February 11, at 7:00 pm
Saturday, February 12, at 7:00 pm,
Sunday, February 13 at 2:00 pm.

The Our Common Ground Theatre Troupe of Greenville is now in rehearsal for Ayn Rand's Night of January 16th. The play is a gripping drama about the rise and destruction of a brilliant and ruthless man.

On a deeper level, it is a superb dramatic objectification of Ayn Rand's vision of human strength and weakness. Primarily known for her novels, Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead, Rand achieved enduring success for her unique philosophy of Objectivism, which gained a worldwide audience.

"Night of January 16th" is a courtroom drama, which will be presented in the main courtroom of the Bond County courthouse, giving the audience all the excitement of a murder trial. The atmosphere will be all the more intimate due to the fact that the courtroom has a seating capacity of 65.

The jury, which will decide the guilt or innocence of the defendant, will be chosen from the audience at the beginning of the play. The verdict should arouse discussion and debate, for the drama's underlying conflict is the basic conflict of two different types of humanity.

Tickets are available at Watson's Drug Store and Adam Bros. Coffee Shop at $10 each.

The public should plan to get their tickets early due to the seating capacity of the courtroom.
For more information, call the director, Thom Pabst, at (618) 977-8822.

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