Nov 20, 2010

GWC's Holiday Home Tour

Greenville Women's Club presents the 2010 Christmas House Tour

Featuring “Upstairs Downtown” on the Square.
Sunday, December 12, 2010
1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Greenville, Illinois

Dan and Cindy Daum
Above Heart Two Heart, E Side of the Square

Lisa and Jim Ulmer
Above “Lisa’s” NE Corner of the Square

Judy and Howard Elmore
416 W. Main, Next to the Public Library

DeMoulin Museum, 110 W. Main,
1/2 Block off SE Corner of the Square

Ellie and Joh Kennedy
Above Magic Mirror, SW Corner of the Square

Cathie and Bob Wiedenhoeft
Above “GET Video” N Side of the Square

Greenville Public Library
414 W. Main
GC Chamber Singers & Refreshments

Ticket advance sale $8 available at:
Watson’s, GET Video, Heart Two Heart, Lisa’s, Turret Cafe, The Green Door, Adam Brothers Music and Coffee House.
Day of tour $10 available at any house on tour.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Why does the city gbpa always use daniken tree farm to sponser a christmas tree on the square i think they need to use the tree farm that is located in greenville Randy's Country Barn christmas trees!!!!!!!!!!Seeings how they actually have there buisness in greenville!!!!

GBPA said...

If you would like to come and talk to me about that I would be happy to talk about it. 214 N. 3rd.

Anonymous said...

What's to talk about Iv done told you my opinion !!!Now i would like yours!!!

GBPA said...

I think perhaps you are confusing the GBPA with the Chamber of Commerce.

GBPA said...
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