Apr 29, 2010


Marcoot Jersey Creamery
After seven generations in the Jersey business, theMarcoot family of Greenville, Illinois is expanding their operation to include a processing facility expected to start production this summer. A facility open house this month attracted over 1,000 area visitors. The finished plant will have rooms for both cheese and bottled fluid products, along with a retail space for on-farm sales.

“The health benefits [of Jersey milk] are a very big marketing tool for us,” said Brittany Marcoot
Wheeler. Milk from the herd’s sixty Jersey cows will be used for three different specialty cheeses aged in a cellar, known in the business as a cheese cave, below the plant. Cheese curds and ice cream are also planned, primarily for local consumers.

Peter Dixon, a master cheese maker from Vermont helped the Marcoots get set up and provided cheese recipes. Dixon stated that cheese is an artistic product. "Real cheese looks beautiful" as opposed to factory cheese, it has more flavor because it is a slower process.

The family is also working to develop tour programs for field trips and general public tours.

The farm is located at
526 Dudleyville Rd.,
Greenville, IL 62246
4 miles south of Greenville.

Art in Education Show, Greenville, IL

The Art in Edu-
cation Show starts April 29 and runs through the 30th from 6-8 pm. You need to check it out, we have some fabulous children's art and great art teachers here in Greenville.
April 29-30 at the Bradford Community Room, graciously sponsored each year by Bradford National Bank.

I went to the Guggenheim Art Museum in NYC last summer and they were having a children's art show...
They can't hold a candle to this stuff!!