Nov 4, 2008

Holiday Book Fair

The Gift of History
Sponsored by The Hills Fort Society, The Farm Heritage Museum, Greenville Regional Hospital, The National Road Association, Fayette County Historical Society, and others.

Saturday, November 8, 2008
Saturday, December 6, 2008
Old Firehouse Emporium
214 N. 3rd St.
A combined sale of local history books from Greenville and the surrounding area will take place on two Saturdays from 10-2 at the Old Firehouse Emporium, downtown Greenville. You will a variety of books (approximately 20) from many of the various historical organizations in the Bond County area. Some of the books that will be included in the sale will be:
The Tractor Mac series
Three Frenchmen and a Goat
Tales of Hills Fort
Fayette County Chronicles
Illinois and World War II
Tales, Trails, and Breadcrumbs

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