Sep 3, 2008

A New Shop in Town

Liz Kious made her first cake when she saw one in a magazine and decided to try and duplicate it. She has been making cakes ever since. After being delighted by her first try, she continued making cakes for her children’s birthday’s, family events this led to people to asking her to make cakes for their special events.

Living in Louisville, Kentucky, at the time, she became an apprentice cakemaker for two years at "A Piece of Cake," and then struck out on her own. She ran a successful business in Louisville for six years and then moved to Greenville

Once she adjusted to her new environment, she started the process over again and has reach a point in her business that she felt it was possible and advantageous to open a storefront.

“Sweetest Things” is the result of that effort. It is located at 208 S. 2nd Street. Liz not only makes beautiful wedding cakes and special occasion cakes, but she offers her own chocolates, coffee mixes, flavored popcorns, and cookies as well. She is adding a quick and easy “to go” lunch that consists of two types of “wrap” sandwiches, a side and a drink. The wraps will change every couple of days. We are happy to welcome Liz to our “Main Street”. Please stop by and introduce yourself and buy a treat!

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Anonymous said...

By far these are the best cakes I have ever tasted....